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    me to see me every week,-- ● She would think that was enough.I▓ see.Well then, what can we do ▓ But Kittie had a plan already evolv▓ed.I know.My room is the corner● one at the back of the house,--you can see

    he is planning to go aw▓a
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    it▓ from this corner of the street.The▓re, do you see the two windows w▓ith the curtains clear up Well, so long▓ as I leave the curtain in the rig▓ht-hand window up the way it is no●w, it means that she is too

    y.Would you be sure to kno

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    il▓l to be disturbed, but if I pull it dow●n she is getting better, and the more I pull it▓ down, the better and stronger she is until● when I pull it way down she is quit●e well.The other window, the▓ one in

    w that ▓Oh, yes.I'd se
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    the corner, will tell abou▓t her going away.If I see signs of ▓her getting ready to go, I'll pull it p●art way down, and if it goes as low as the● middle sash it means you must hurry● if you want to see her, and

    e.I always see thi●ngs.
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    when I p●ull it quite down, she has gon●e! Kittie, you are a genius! ▓And you don't mind that it is breaking rules,●--only they aren't made into rules,▓ because nobody thought that the▓y would be needed

    And you could send me a


I thought just a lit▓tle that you didn't quite like ▓it a while ago! Lyon laughed.You a▓re quite rig


ht, and I mustn't be superior any● more.But it is very important that I should


▓have a chance to see Mrs.Brough▓ton,--important to other people than mys●elf.


She gave him a demure, sidelong gla▓nce, and then dropped her eyes.Is it about M


r●.Lawrence she asked, ingen▓uously. You amazing young lady! What do you ▓know about Mr.Lawrence Mrs.Bro?/p>

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  • 駏ghton told me about him. Did she he▓ asked alertly.What did she tell you O▓h, she has talked about him a g▓reat deal.He was an old

    ott reads ●all ou
    r letters, you know.
  • friend of hers before ▓she was married, and, just think, she ●had seen him only the day before all this▓ happened. Did she tell y▓ou wh

    No, I didn'●t
    know. That would
  • ere she saw him, or what they ●talked about No.But she is very grateful ▓to him for something he did for● her.She says he is like a knig

    n't m●atter, beca
    use I could write it


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d.● I think if he could know she said that,● he would feel proud, don't you ▓Lyon frowned thoughtfully.Mrs.Bro▓ughton's sudden sense of grati●tude toward Lawrence seemed uncalled for●.What else

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  • ough it would ▓be perfectly pla
  • in to you, but I am no
  • t sur▓e she wou
  • ld let me write to you
  • at all.Yo●u see, you a
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